Mirrors For Bathrooms

Let Your Bathroom Mirrors Illuminate Your Personality

One of the best ways to add a touch of style to any room is with unique and stylish decorative mirrors.  Mirrors for bathrooms are no exception.  In fact, they can turn one of the smallest spaces in the home into a room that gives the illusion of one twice the size with a level of brightness to fit the mood your want the room to reflect. With the wide variety of designs available both online and in your local home improvement stores, you are sure to find the perfect fit in the style that fits your personality as well as your budget.

Mirrors are very common today not just as wall accessories but in tables, shelves and various accessories.  Stores such as Lowes, Direct Home, and Bed Bath and Beyond commonly have displays and options that offer a wide range of ideas that help when it comes to designing the look that you want your bathroom to have.

Modern, traditional and Victorian styles are the most common with the glass framed in the respective type of design. Even those with cheap price-tags can be backlit to make them look much more expensive than they are. It's about much more that just being able to see an image in the mirror.

The most common mirrors for bathrooms are fixed and hanging. Fixed mirrors are usually seen mounted on medicine cabinets or placed on doors. They are the least expensive and usually have the most basic design. Kirklands offers these in a variety of cabinet options including lighted that can fit nicely into any size bathroom.

Hanging mirrors offer a bit more flexibility for decorative designs. Restoration Hardware offers options in full length and custom widths with etched designs that sets a special style into your bathroom. They come in all sizes if you are bold enough to want to cover an entire wall with perfect reflections.

Most bathrooms have a ceiling mounted light fixture. By adding mirrors that also including lighting it adds an additional dimension to the mirror and the illumination factor. This is very desirable when the mirror is used for things such as make-up and hair care. In this case the more light the better.

It is important to remember that these types of units can be heavy and require stronger hardware and may need additional wiring.  With the right mirror and adequate lighting your bathroom will can be a decorator's delight.

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